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2017 BMW X4 Asserts Itself as a Compact Crossover Standout


Take it from your friends here at Advantage BMW of Clear Lake: we tend to recognize a good thing when we see one.


And we say this because such was our reaction upon meeting the 2017 X4, BMW's compact luxury crossover. As soon as we made eyes with it, we knew the German automaker had a hit on its hands.


Will the X4 elicit a similar reaction from you? Follow along with today's post to find out.


The standard equipment roster of the base X4 model -- the xDrive28i -- is nothing short of spectacular.


Standard features on this trim…

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BMW Has One Heck of a Head-Turner in the 2017 7 Series


Are you on the hunt for a full-size four-door? Perhaps one that's stylish and sophisticated but also has a bit of a wild side?


Well, if so, we here at Advantage BMW of Clear Lake feel you're likely to mesh well with ours, the 2017 7 Series -- and we'd like to take a moment to explain just why that is.


So, about that "wild side" ...


The top-of-the-lie 750i trim is especially frisky, as its turbocharged 4.4-liter V8 engine is rated at a robust 445 horsepower and 480 pound-feet of torque. Standard fare includes an eight-speed automatic…

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Could the 2017 BMW X5 be the Solution to Your Luxury Crossover Conundrum?


Has your new-vehicle search ultimately led you to the midsize luxury crossover class? Well, if so, we here at Advantage BMW of Clear Lake would be quick to pair you up with ours, the 2017 X5.


Might it be a match made in heaven?


Continue reading to make that determination.


Though we've love for every one of the X5's engine options, the mid-level 3.0-liter turbocharged six-cylinder diesel may well be our pick of the pack.


The default drivetrain on the xDrive35d trim, this turbodiesel syncs with an eight-speed automatic transmission and the xDrive all-wheel system. Overall output…

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Move Like the Wind with the Muscular 2017 BMW M4


If you're seeking a luxury sports car for your next daily driver, we here at Advantage BMW of Clear Lake think you may well meet your match in ours, the 2017 M4.


And how can we be so sure?


Read on to find out.


The M4's main event is without a doubt its turbocharged 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder engine. Available with your preference of either a six-speed manual transmission or an optional seven-speed dual-clutch automatic, the M4 generates a gargantuan 425 horsepower and 406 pound-feet of torque.


Likewise, it can also make very short work of the 0-to-60…

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Make Sure You Know How to Jump-Start Your Car in Cold Weather

While cold weather may not be as big a concern here in League City as it is elsewhere in the country, it's still a good idea to be sure you know how to jump start your car in conditions that are less than ideal, just in case you're traveling and a problem arises. If you should find your vehicle isn't responding to a turn of the key (or press of the "start" button"), here are the steps you should take...

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Relax with BMW Massage Seats


Did you know that on select BMW vehicles here in our League City showroom that you can get driver's and passenger massage seats? Well, now you do, and there are lots of benefits to them. For those of us who do have them inside, we've put together a list of the benefits, and how to activate and use it to the fullest.

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See Your Vehicle When You're Not there with BMW Remote 3D View


Have you ever wanted to check up on your car if you've left it parked while you're away, or to see if everything is clear before heading out to it? Well, drivers of the BMW 7 Series and BMW 5 Series models with the Surround 3D View option onboard can. Remote 3D works with the cameras and systems in your car to provide a look at your surroundings from a number of viewpoints, giving you added peace of mind about your vehicle, and perhaps giving you some peace of mind, too. How do you set it up though…

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Get Started with Apple CarPlay in Your BMW


One of the more common questions we get asked when it comes to technology on BMW vehicles in our showroom is what people get out of Apple CarPlay. Well, the short answer is that you get a lot, but there's plenty of basic advantages that you'll find make your drive enjoyable, and we've highlighted some basic information for those getting started with Apple CarPlay and their BMW.

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Find Out About BMW Active Cruise Control

When you buy or lease a BMW, you get a bevy of features that provide you with an experience that stands out, and one that people often ask us about is BMW Active Cruise Control. It gives you the ability to drive on roads without having to touch the accelerator, and it adapts to various conditions. That's why we've provided a breakdown of what it does for you.

  • BMW Active Cruise Control allows…
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BMW i3 Offer Electric Luxury

Lots of people are curious about electric vehicles and the emission-free drive they provide. If you are, and want luxury to go with it you should see what the BMW i3 can provide you, as there are plenty of reasons why the i3 gives you all you could want in an electric vehicle.

  • The BMW i3 provides you with an eco-friendly cabin, as 25 percent of the materials inside are from recycled renewables, while also…
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